Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) are the most cost-efficient maintenance concept for offshore wind farms. The vessels are purpose-built in accordance with customer requirements. We will find a solution that suits your needs - as long as it is safe.



ESVAGT has been involved in renewables and offshore wind since the earliest days with ‘Esvagt Supporter’ chosen to secure safe personnel transfer from vessel to turbine in Belwind, the first Belgian offshore wind farm back in 2010.


The early vital experiences helped ESVAGT develop and pioneer the unique Service Operation Vessel (SOV) concept, and today ESVAGT is recognized as the market leader and largest operator of SOVs in Europe.


Currently, ESVAGT operates nine SOVs in four countries.


In 2021, ESVAGT entered into a joint venture with U.S.-based Crowley forming a U.S.-based company providing SOV services for the growing offshore wind industry in the U.S.


ESVAGT has a vast experience in operating SOVs and has administered the safe transfer of more than 300.000 people between SOVs and wind turbines, either through the motions compensated gangways or the ESVAGT Safety Transfer Boats (STBs).


Committed to the UN Sustainability Goals, the SOVs contribute to a responsible consumption and production. ESVAGT SOVs are optimized in terms of hull design and equipped with highly efficient power and propulsion systems to minimise fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


In a continued effort to minimise the impact on the environment ESVAGT has developed a fully CO2 emission free SOV and is looking forward to offering this next generation of emission free SOVs to the customers.


ESVAGT has been a part of the offshore wind industry for more than a decade and has shaped the SOV concept in close cooperation with partners and customers.



Purpose-built SOVs

All ESVAGT’s SOVs are purpose-built to maximise safe operational performance and designed to meet the customer’s needs. This is achieved by using a well-proven in-house design concept developed over 30 years’ accumulated operations, which can be adjusted both in size and in flexibility with due care to total cost of ownership.

All ESVAGT SOVs are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to secure maximum uptime for the wind farms, safe access for the technicians to the wind turbines, and superior comfort for everybody onboard.



The Walk-to-Work gangway concept ensures a stepless transfer of personnel, spare parts and goods from the SOV to the wind turbine.

The Walk-to-Work concept offers a motion-compensated, completely stationary gangway – even in high sea states – which enables easy transfer of personnel, spare parts and goods from multiple deck levels having elevator, trolleys and skidding systems fully integrated. (fintunes)

ESVAGT operates a variety of Walk-to-Work gangway systems, offering the opportunity for the customer to choose a specific gangway system best suited for purpose.


Shore-going Safe Transfer Boats

One of the unique features to ESVAGT’s SOV is the Safe Transfer Boats (STB).

Designed and built by ESVAGT, the STBs incorporates close to 40 years excellence in boat operations, offering a safe, effective and flexible transfer solution to the customers. 

The STB concept can stand alone as the sole transfer option between SOV and wind turbines or be used in combination with the motion-compensated Walk-to-Work gangway system to provide maximum flexibility.

Able to go to shore to pick up supplies or perform crew change, the STB also allows the SOV to stay at work in the wind farm without having to go to shore. This increases the SOV’s efficiency, and reduces fuel consumption and costs related to port calls accordingly.

Annually, ESVAGT STBs transfer more than 40.000 people from SOV to wind turbine.


Safe and efficient transfers within wind farms with capacity for up to 5 technicians and hand carry cargo.


200 nm operational radius from SOV, Approved to pick up personnel and cargo in port and capacity for 8 technicians and 1t of cargo.


Unlimited operational radius from SOV, approved to pick up personnel and cargo in port, capacity12 technicians and 2t of cargo.


The ESVAGT SOVs are designed to offer high-level comfort and well-being to the customers, personnel and crew working onboard.

Designed with anti-roll systems and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery minimizing noise and vibrations, life onboard is both pleasant and quiet, with minimal vessel movements.

The SOVs have plenty of spacious accommodation and resting facilities to ensure relaxation is possible after a day of demanding work. All SOVs come with well-equipped fitness room, cinema, library and fast internet connection, allowing diversified activities during spare time.

Onboard the SOVs, the chefs offer healthy and nutritious food to contribute to customers’ and the crew’s well-being.



ESVAGT is a firm believer in the motto “The vessel is only as good as its crew”.

Partnering with ESVAGT is not just choosing a unique vessel concept; it further guaranties teaming up with a skillful, competent and experienced crew.

Through knowledge sharing, training and working onboard, ESVAGT has for more than a decade accumulated vast knowledge of SOV operations and can muster the most experienced crew the industry can offer from day one.

Most SOV Officers have more than ten years’ seniority in the ESVAGT fleet.


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