Governance Framework

ESVAGT Strategy

ESVAGT has always valued having a structured approach to its businesses, and the ESVAGT Governance comes down to “running a tight ship”, a saying in the maritime environment.


ESVAGT Governance ensures just that.


The governance framework allows ESVAGT to operate as a true stand-alone company in accordance with good and recognized governance principles as well as ensuring that the system reflects best practices in the industry.


ESVAGT runs a structured operation, reporting and contributing to ESVAGT investors and owners.


Backed by third party external auditors, ESVAGTs business activities are reviewed, and findings reported to the senior management and Board of Directors.


As corruption and fraud are significant business risks, ESVAGT possesses a governance & compliance awareness programme to ensure all new employees via e-learning programme pass a mandatory test on our policies with regards to fraud and corruption as part of the general onboarding.


Additionally, the company enforces strict procedures for accepting and registering hospitality payments.


The structured approach is formulated in a set of key documents named the ESVAGT Governance.


The ESVAGT Governance starts from the top with ESVAGT’s Mission and Vision statements, continues with the ESVAGT Standards (core values), the Policies and Code of Conduct, then the Board and Company Rules, and finally the Administrative and Operational Procedures that apply to the day-to-day activities.


As part of the ESVAGT Governance, two documents should be emphasized: ESVAGT’s Code of Conduct and the Whistleblower Policy. The Code of Conduct is held in high regard and stipulates ESVAGT’s expectations for third parties, business partners and suppliers to follow ESVAGT’s standards and ethics code for conducting business. ESVAGT has a fully implemented whistleblower system, hereby offering an opportunity for anybody to report any concern regarding any violation of the ESVAGT Governance to an independent body for further action.



The ESVAGT Governance System is certified in accordance with;  


  • ISO 9001 - covering onshore management of services related to safety and support at sea.
  • ISO 14001 - covering technical management of ships (onshore and selected vessels)
  • ISM Code - covering safe management and operation of ships and pollution prevention.  


Introduction to the ESVAGT Governance Framework
ESVAGT Company Policies
ESVAGT Mission and Vision
ESVAGT Standards